November 15, 2018 | 

I am a certified Palmer/Pletsch Tissue Fitting Instructor.  I have been teaching using the tissue fitting method for a several years now.     What’s tissue fitting you may ask?  Patti Palmer, Susan Pletsch and Marta Alto developed the pattern tissue fitting method in the 1970’s.  After years of fitting thousands of different body types, they found a way to teach fitting that I love.  Trust and believe I was skeptical at first.  I couldn’t grasp trying on the pattern tissue to determine the necessary changes for a better fit.  I first used the tissue fitting method to make my first ever pair of pants when I was in my 20’s.  My pants fit perfectly.  It also helped that my body was “right and tight” then.  lol  I still wasn’t convinced.

Many years later I decided to revisit tissue fitting and attend a Palmer/Pletsch tissue fitting class and certification with my friend/instructor Joyce.  Here we are in the first PA class.  We not only learned to fit, but we met Patti Palmer and her daughter Melissa Watson for the very first time.  Our instructor was Pamela Leggett.  She is the most kind, patient and excellent instructor.



Fast forward to October 2018 Joyce and I attended the Palmer/Pletsch Pants Fitting and Certification class.  Well honey, let me tell you the class was “everything”.  I made three pairs of pants using Pamela Leggett’s Pattern #113 – Pants…..Perfected!  pattern; a pair of trousers, gauchos and knit pants.  My first pair of trousers is pictured here.  I used a wool cashmere from my stash that I purchased from Harry Guss Woolens here in Baltimore.  Sadly, they went out of business.  🙁   Guss Woolens was a gold mine for wools and linens.  To get the right fit, my front darts were eliminated, my back darts extended to accomodate my full back.  


I intended to bring heals with me to adjust the length, but changed my mind.  Only to regret it.   Once I got home, I discovered that my pants were the perfect length unfinished.  So to make the pants “werk”, I added a 2″ facing.  See how I styled those babies below.  I’m happy with the outcome.





Here’s my second pair of pants using the same pattern #113 – Pants…..Perfected!  This time I purchased a Ponte Knit from Steve’s Sew & Vac in PA.  Though this pattern was sized for woven fabrics they easily transitioned into an elastic waist pull on pant, without all the gathering at the waist that most of us hate.  My students are going to love this technique when I share it with them.  Now that I’m certified in Pant fit, I anxious to test my skills on my students.  First up, will be Sheena!